Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tour Day 4

Last day of tour!!!
It was only 4 days but it was totally amazing - even in Des Moines

this is how you know where you are

finally a hotel with a pool!!

chocolate chip mint ice cream from Java Joes - perfect treat for a 100 degree day

uh oh I can't remember what this band was called - but they ruled! Acoustic bass!!!!

This was the court - and consequently the area we were in was called Court

Vaudeville Mews - totally done by 9pm

friends who'd seen Bobby play forever ago came out - thanks guys

oh my god - Skittles Margarita
FINALLY someone took 2 of my favourite things and put them together

it was so hot - perfect patio weather!!!

so this happened.....just some horses roaming the streets of downtown Des Moines

a really rad bar..maybe called Lucky?
and our new freinds!!

Eric, Me and Greg - the J.R. Nelson of Iowa

this seemed like a terrible idea

2 slices of garlic butter, corn, green olive pizza

oh my god and it was open till 2!!!

next morning breakfast recommendation by Greg - mmmm noodles

random hay bale on the drive home

Thanks Iowa!!

my most vivid memory of Iowa was almost dying in a tornado on the way home - it's a long and in retrospect, hilarious story of me driving, Eric worrying and Bobby sleeping.
We made it out totally unharmed :)

The whole tour was incredible - I think our very low expectations really helped. I was so surprised how rad these States I had never been to were.

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