Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the past two weeks

The night after The Dutchess and The Duke show our good friends This Town Needs Guns were in town to play The Beat Kitchen.

hanging on my front porch

being tourists

We had an amazing time playing with these dudes last year in England and I was so excited to see them play again.
It was their first time on tour in America, in fact it was most of their first time's over here period, and I was more than happy to play tour guide when they came to visit at the end of May to kick off their tour.
They came back through to finish the tour here and it was an incredible night. The show was sold out, supporting band Native fucking killed it, Stuart stage dove for the first time ever as an adult, and some kid totally nailed Elk.

I think this video really sums up the whole night. Fucking magical.

Also this month Bobby and I saw some awesome bands separately - I went to see EYEHATEGOD at the Empty Bottle which was totally face melting and surprisingly hilarious for a bunch of old junkies. Bobby went to see JEFF and the brotherhood also at the Empty Bottle and came home and said "That was the best thing I had ever seen, it was so good I had to leave" - I think he was just really hungry but still he really fucking loved it and I'm bummed I missed it. He also saw Woven Bones which totally ruled.
Last night while Bobby was seeing our friend Mirah at Linocln Hall, I was at the Empty Bottle..again...to see Head of Skulls my favourite skull related band and Sweet Cobra. It was a totally amazing night.

Also this month Bobby and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary - awwwwwwwwe

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