Monday, June 14, 2010

Shame That Tune

The best game show has just been invited - and on Friday I got to be the first contestant EVER!!!

photo stolen off Facebook
Abraham and Brian the sexy hosts of
Shame That Tune
A live comedy game show featuring diaries, interviews, and spontaneously-composed songs!

photo by Joe Mohan
Bobby, Matt and Joe came to cheer me on as I stood on stage and read shameful journal entries

photo by Bobby
Third place went to Dan the Fan who was selected from the live studio audience to get up and share a hilarious story about going to see Alice Cooper and having his dad come get him from a party when he failed to go home that night

photo by Bobby
Second place went to Alex White of White Mystery
She read from her tour diary from when she was 18 - my favourite part involved friend of a friend Jungle Cat

photo by me and a self timer
(not true)
Who won was determined by audience applause and it was a really tight finish but I came out on top somehow. I must find youtube footage of the Devo song about 9 year old Elisse because it was way too hilarious to describe accurately.
I won a CUPCAKE!!!
But then it turns out I also won a real prize - $40 to Laurie's Planet of Sound
Fucking AWESOME!!!

photo by Bobby whilst riding a bike
After it was over we all rode bikes to Whole Foods to eat dinner and watch the strippers show up to work at VIPs

photo by Bobby - so dangerous
On our way home!

photo by Joe Mohan stolen off Facebook which is why Matt Holland is tagged - haha
Porch hangs - I love summer and I love Chicago!!!

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