Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cap'n Jazz

Back in January - at around 2am one night I did a blog post because I couldn't go to bed without sharing the totally amazing/exciting thing I had just been a part of. That night I was with a handful of people that got a surprise 4 song reunion from Chicago legends Cap'n Jazz.

I admitted back then that I was only a new Cap'n Jazz fan but it was still a totally memorable and awe inspiring experience. Now that they have officially reunited for a short summer whirlwind affair I've been trying to keep up with it.

Bobby is lucky enough to be there for ALL of it - because he's doing their merch. Also Ryan takes awesome photos and has been along for the ride thus far so I've stolen my favourite of hers :)

Ryan Kinsella
Louisville, Kentucky

Liam O'Donnell
Bottom Lounge Sunday show - everyone said Saturday was better but to me this was totally perfect
Grown men cried: for real

Elisse LaRoche
look how fucking awesome it is - lasers shooting from Davey's guitar!!!

Elisse LaRoche
I was really lucky to go with a huge Cap'n Jazz fan - thanks for coming with me Liam!
We were in the mosh pit the entire time.
Also thanks Tim for giving me that bottle of water - that place was fucking hot!
There is a photo of Liam and I after the show where we both look like we jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed.....I did not post that photo.

Bobby Burg
It rained in Brooklyn so the show got moved into a much smaller space - it was crazy!

Elisse LaRoche
The culmination
Wicker Park Fest

Jessica Hopper recently did an interview with Tim and this is my favourite part from it that kind of sums it up for me
"Playing to all these people in Philly, I asked if anyone there was at our last Philly show in December 1994—it was a show at Jon Hiltz's house. And here we are now, with Jon Hiltz doing monitors for our sold-out show, and this kid in front yells, "I was three!" So these are people who are new to us." - Tim Kinsella

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