Thursday, July 29, 2010


that's a music festival right?

This weekend is really one of my favourites of the whole year - everyone in town, the weather is always awesome and people are stoked!
This year Pitchfork was way more about hanging with friends then trying to see live music.
The VIP viewing area might as well be behind the stage, you can't see anything. If you go out into the crowd it's 100 degrees with zero shade so that sucks, but there were some musical highlights for sure.

The Tallest Man on Earth: Thanks for flying all the way from Sweeden for a 30 minute set Kristian :)
Liars: I wish I saw you at the Bottom Lounge instead
Wolf Parade: The only thing worth seeing all of Saturday
Lightening Bolt: Makes me want to quit the drums forever
Surfer Blood: adorable babies making catchy songs
Major Lazer: DAGGERING!!
Sleigh Bells: I totally love this band
Pavement: singing "Stop Breathin" with Brit

Now here is a list of friends who posed for photos.

Cutest boy at Flatstock - Dan Black

Joe Mohan

Kate, Nathan and Augie

Kristin and Billiams

Brit and Beth

Bobby and Baptiste

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