Saturday, July 10, 2010

Detroit has a skyline too

The mini Love of Everything tour kicked off in Michigan so along the way we decided to try out the Michigan sand dunes to see if they were superior to the Indiana dunes.

so far it's exactly the same

Bobby in shorts! No Way!

similar to the Indiana Dunes the Michigan Dunes had a sign as you entered the park warning: DO NOT GO INTO THE WATER
mmmm contamination
After our scientific research we decided the Indian Dunes are closer and therefore better.

We had to stop in Ann Arbor - I had heard of Zingerman's only in legend

it was super cute and everything was sooo fucking good

delicious coffee and the best ice cream I have ever had in my life!!!
for real - it was just vanilla ice cream and I wanted to cry after every bite.

I have never been here before - I was so excited to drive around and see what looked fucked up!

bye sunshine

there were lots of things I would like to take photos of on this street but I was afraid of
a) getting beaten up by this fat little white kid
b) being too intrusive to the neighbourhood
so here's a photo of a half burnt house

abandoned train station
Ashleigh would love this place

the place we played

I wish I was more hungry because I wanted to eat everything - so cute and totally delicious

Duo's showcase extravaganza!!
This was Feelings and they totally ruled

yay! Josh from Our Brother The Native came to hang out with us
and look he can be in a bar and drink a beer!
When Bobby first met him he was only a tiny 17 year old :)

I like your style

City Center played 13 whole minutes - hahaha
Thank god we're playing with them in August here in Chicago
Can't wait!

"My lips are like two pillows fighting over a tiny spider"
Chris Koltay

merch - only a handful of ice cream cone tshirts left

Secret Twins totally blew my mind - and I was so upset to learn they just played Chicago a couple weeks ago!!! If only I had known of their existence.

Thanks ladies for helping set this whole thing up!

Ryan, Tim and I - thanks for letting me use your drums Tim!

"You're like the hottest dude from Duran Duran and a cricket champion"
Chris Koltay talking about how good Fred looked that night

holy guitars!

"I'm going to do bong hits and talk to the band about their emotions"
Chris Koltay

Bass Face!

Thanks for letting us hang out with you/sleep at your house Chris
I want to come visit you and record every single thing you say.

I tried to get a photo of my totally fucked up bruised legs - but I think the lighting was wrong
But they are totally gnarly, especially my knees.

I can't wait to go back to Ann Arbor and hang out with Fred and Ryan just for fun - and Detroit was so much fun, I want to play there again soon for sure!

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