Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tour Day 4

Last day of tour!!!
It was only 4 days but it was totally amazing - even in Des Moines

this is how you know where you are

finally a hotel with a pool!!

chocolate chip mint ice cream from Java Joes - perfect treat for a 100 degree day

uh oh I can't remember what this band was called - but they ruled! Acoustic bass!!!!

This was the court - and consequently the area we were in was called Court

Vaudeville Mews - totally done by 9pm

friends who'd seen Bobby play forever ago came out - thanks guys

oh my god - Skittles Margarita
FINALLY someone took 2 of my favourite things and put them together

it was so hot - perfect patio weather!!!

so this happened.....just some horses roaming the streets of downtown Des Moines

a really rad bar..maybe called Lucky?
and our new freinds!!

Eric, Me and Greg - the J.R. Nelson of Iowa

this seemed like a terrible idea

2 slices of garlic butter, corn, green olive pizza

oh my god and it was open till 2!!!

next morning breakfast recommendation by Greg - mmmm noodles

random hay bale on the drive home

Thanks Iowa!!

my most vivid memory of Iowa was almost dying in a tornado on the way home - it's a long and in retrospect, hilarious story of me driving, Eric worrying and Bobby sleeping.
We made it out totally unharmed :)

The whole tour was incredible - I think our very low expectations really helped. I was so surprised how rad these States I had never been to were.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tour Day 3

Lawrence, Kansas is definitely not what I was expecting - I can't wait to go back!

breakfast of champions at The Merc where we went to see Marc!

on our way to the skatepark - thanks iphone for always being able to find out where they are

Skate Park Tour - Lawrence

look at that sweaty face

record store cat!

this was actually a really amazing record store

the lady behind me was very drunk for 3pm and was also trying to pick up Bobby and Eric

even the graffiti is cute in Lawrence

driving through Kansas is surprisingly beautiful
on our way to Wichita

Skate Park Tour - Wichita
This was the best skatepark!!!!

Ashleigh McIvor where were you!?

Chime Owls at Rock Island Live!

this place totally ruled - great patio and huge open garage doors so it was almost like playing outside...only complaint - people can smoke inside.

2/3 of Low Oriole
This band totally ruled!!!

Eric rocking some awesome white pants and our new friend Andrew

All of Low Oriole - 'Doin' yr own thAng'
this is only funny to 3 people in the whole world

show over - time to go to a super cute bar!

Bobby, Andrew and I hanging out in the back patio
Wichita is awesome!

oh hello Oliver

this dog weighs much less than Eric's cat of the same name

probably the best part of the night - at the Hyatt around 2am

Wichita was totally the best show of the whole tour - for soo many reasons. Great bands to play with, a whole load of people came out to see us and everyone was so nice. People kept trying to tip us for merch!!
You are all wonderful :)

Thanks so much Jackson - you're the whole reason this tour happened. I highly recommend other bands try to hit Wichita...even on a Sunday night with the finale of LOST on it was an amazing show!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tour Day 2

Turns out Omaha is pretty rad

Ryan, Shauna and the sweetest dog

vegan breakfast of champions
woulda been better if they had cream for my coffee - I don't want to put soymilk in it.

took a field trip to the local half-abandoned mall

Only thing Eric learned in Nebraska - Ted's dad is a total dick

perfect fucking day

ok so I have to find this in Chicago - it's like a personal serving of a frozen lime margarita and it only costs $2.50 AND it tasted fucking awesome!!!

we're actually being attacked by beetle larva


I fucking love badminton - I also love pronouncing it correctly

Team Love of Everything vs Team Muffin Top & Fox

everyone needs an entomologist at their party

awesome backyard hang @ Dan's - thanks so much Omaha!!! I totally didn't want to leave.

Skate Park Tour - Omaha

couple hours later we were in Lawrence, Kansas. Home to weirdo hippie art cars
This was the hood of one of them - there were tons. They even had a parade of them.

Jamie's work!
Combining things I love - like small coffee shops and cute bars

8th coffee of the day

Brian totally showed up!!!
Such a rad surprise

hand made shirts only $5
deal of the century

not listed - Dactyls but all in all a really fucking amazing line up

it was no less than 1 000 000 degrees inside
luckily you could drink outside

Jabber Josh is my new favourite band

the last cat is totally the best

Will and Sam - brothers trying to look like twins!
Seriously 2 of the nicest dudes ever

Nick from Dactyls and me playing coy - I looooooved his mustache

Jamie and Bobby about 30 beers deep

Bandit Teeth - holy shit they ruled
if you ever get a chance to see them it will blow your mind
Brad had a really busy night working the bar and fully melting minds



Lawrence was such a fun time - made new friends, Bobby got to hang out with old ones. We fucked up every single song and saw some really awesome bands/mustaches.