Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ball Hall

Last night many friends (well only 2 actually) were in town from Michigan. City Center
Secret Twin and Swimsuit played alongside new Chicago friends Distractions and some dude from Lawrence, Yoda's Voice at Ball Hall. Unfortunately, Saturday nights are never good for me and I was out before I got to see Secret Twin or Swimsuit play. Such a bummer - I will definitely make a trip to Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor or Detroit to see them all play together again soon.

Maybe they'll all be back in Chicago again - there is no way of knowing.

Kedzie & North

by the process of elimination: Yoda's Voice
They surprisingly ruled

City Center sans Ryan is still amazing
50% less hugs though

with this filter the stairs look super creepy

One day when I make a record I will give it to Fred.
Thanks dude - it was so wonderful to see you, as always.

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