Saturday, May 7, 2011


If I could go a whole week with only writing about Ponys' side projects I would be a very happy blogger, but unfortunately I missed Tyler Jon Tyler on Thursday. Anyway, last night Disappears played the Empty Bottle and it was my birthday!!! Needless to say, there were a lot of hugs.

In the traditional Chicago vein of Super Groups (a term I throw around near daily) this band has some awesome talent. For example, Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth. This was actually my first time seeing Disappears with Steve Shelley drumming (is it weird that I feel uncomfortable referring to him as just calling Bill Murray just Bill. Wrong) and I can honestly say I missed Graham. Weird! However, my opinion of music should never been trusted.

Last night for the last songs Disappears featured fashionable members of White/Light. Matt played a lap steel, which ruled & Jeremy played a moisturizer? I had never seen nor heard one before last night and I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised.

Disappears&White/Light - ultimate super group.

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