Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Show of 2011...Thus Far

Sunday night at the Empty Bottle totally ruled.
It was amazing for several reasons.
#1 - I had an ice cream sundae before the show
#2 - It was like 80 degrees outside even at midnight
#3 - every band totally exceeded my expectations
#4 - so many hugs

Head of Skulls
Who are always awesome - were extra awesome because they covered Silly Girl
I need more Descendents covers in my life

I will never tire of Hansen saying "this next song is by Head of Skulls"
It's funny, every fucking time

This was my first time seeing Football - I was hoping for some glitter but instead I got like 15 minutes of furious punk rock. This band is comprised of 4 of the nicest dudes I know, when I heard they were in a band together I thought it was a joke, it seemed too perfect.

Football - Empty Bottle 5/29/11 from Elisse LaRoche on Vimeo.

I love you iPhone

The Marked Men fucking killed it
I knew I liked them but I didn't realize how many of their songs I totally loved

They also had an honest encore.
All songs played, left the stage, no plans of playing more and being brought back up, totally exhausted and covered in sweat, for 2 more songs after what seemed like 100 songs already
It was a wonderful night

This is pretty much what it was like

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