Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Chicago Bands

This weekend was insanely busy.

Friday night Bobby went up to the Beat Kitchen to see Follows, Pinebender and Pelican.
I went over to the Bottle to see great friends Pool of Frogs - who were being filmed for an episode of OBSESSED on A&E...seriously.
But what was totally awesome and surprising was how rad the band after them was. It was my first time seeing Chicago's Lasers + Fast + Shit. And they are for sure my new favourite band/band name.

Lasers and Fast and Shit

Then Saturday Love of Everything played at the Hideout as part of the SXSW Send Off party. There was like 10 bands and a million friends, but what was the raddest find of the night was the band Hollows. They totally fucking rule.


Also on Saturday night Ted Leo played the Bottom Lounge - I only made it half way through the set before I had to leave..I was practically falling asleep on the steps that lead up to the stage. But I heard from Bobby this morning that Ralph from Jai alai Savant and Pat from Titus Andronicus joined Ted onstage for some really awesome Misfits and Black Flag covers - fuck I wish I could have stayed. Also wish I could have stayed to shake Ted Leo's hand, so I could say "I shook the hand of someone who shook the hand of Jimmy Fallon"

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

3 more days until we leave for Austin - holy shit!

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