Monday, March 22, 2010

SXSW 2010 - Bands!!!!

With over 1900 bands playing in one tiny city over the course of 3 days it was impossible to see everything, or even a fraction of what was going on.

Maybe that's ok because I heard a LOT of shitty music leaking out of clubs and blasting through outdoor tents set up in parking lots.

But I did get to see a fair share of bands that I already knew I loved or was stoked on seeing for the first time. Only major disappointment was not seeing Lady Gaga, which was probably just a rumour, but still would have totally ruled.

Spoon @ Stubb's - turns out I like Spoon

Surfer Blood @ Club de Ville - high on my list of must see, especially after missing a sold out show here in Chicago last week. Met my expectations, these kids killed it!

Mae Shi is one of my favourite bands to see live, unfortunately they no longer exist. However Signals have taken their place (it's still just Bill, Jacob and John who were the only cool people in the band anyway).

Japandroids - obviously were awesome

after what felt like the worlds longest sound check - No Age
I wish I saw more than just this show, it didn't sound all that awesome and the place was way packed.

Jail Wedding from LA played after us @ The Velveeta Room

Local Natives @ Emo's - my first time inside!
They sounded just lovely :)

The Dum Dum Girls - I really like the one song I knew and it turns out all the songs sound just like it, so to be honest it was kinda boring. But they're super cute.
Mega Babes.

Maps & Atlases - Represent!

Joan of Arc: Power Trio @ Emo's - I only took photos at this show but did see them play 4 outta 8 times

Best surprise of the trip - Le Loup from DC played before Beach Fossils and blew our minds

Beach Fossils babies - are these kids even old enough to drive?
They fucking rocked though

ok so I didn't take this photo, infact I didn't even get in...but I did hear it. I snuck down by where they load in around back and could hear Miss World and Violet very well.
It was fucking amazing, I didn't think I would care, but it definitely made me very nostalgic.

Abe Vigoda @ former Ms. Beas

mother fucking Death Set @ Billboard stage
They played after Yacht which I thought was totally weird

Real Estate - they sounded nice

The moment I had been waiting 2 years for - BEAR HANDS!!!
I fucked up seeing them in Chicago and missed all their shows at SXSW, I didn't even know this one was happening I just over heard some kid say he was going and I asked them when and he said "Right Now!!!" so we took off and caught their last set of the weekend.
It was glorious - except I was freezing cold and it was 1pm and no one was there.

Polyvinyl Showcase @ The Galaxy Room
These are the Casiokids from Norway and I loved every second of it

I wish there was some magical way that I could bypass the lines at SXSW. It's kinda nice that it doesn't really matter who you are, you gotta wait in line, but it really deterred me from seeing bands like The XX, JJ, Band of Horses, She & Him, and forget about seeing any of the bands at the Pitchfork party - that line up was 100 miles long. But whatever, all those bands will pass through Chicago, a lot even in the very near future and I'm sure I'll see them then.

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