Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last day of SXSW

Here I am - killing time in the hotel room before we head back downtown for the final Joan of Arc performance. It's so cold, I look like shit, I am exhausted. Everyone is, in fact they are all napping while I type this. But it's been such a fucking rad weekend and majorly worth all of it.

Also while I was killing time today trying to stay warm I compiled a list of totally rad band names.
Here they are in alphabetical order (I only made a list of bands I had never heard of before)

Awesome Color
Dances with White Girls
Freelance Whales
Chilly Gonzales
Kittens Ablaze
Nice Nice
Shitty Carwash
Smiles Davis
Summer Cats
Talk Normal
Trampled by Turtles
Turbo Fruits
Wet Hair
Wild Moccasins
Winter Gloves

I have no idea what any of these bands sound like, except Awesome Color, they were loud. I think Freelance Whales and Wet Hair totally win best band names of SXSW. Congratulations guys!!

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