Monday, June 8, 2009

Aberdeen, Scotland

Leeds was a really good show, someone even wrote a review about it - that's special right? Anyways, off to SCOTLAND now yay!

Leed's knows Bobby better than I do

Huge thank you to James and Matty, great great great show, fantastic place to stay and all around major fun

another 6 hour day in the van

Scotland the Brave

I believe I told them to "look Scotish" in this photo - Aberdeen is very very gray but also pretty

Dear Stuart,

ok so this was one of the few things I wanted to actually see in Aberdeen - finally found it like 10 minutes before the show started. I've been to Aberdeen before so I totally recognized a million foot statue of Mel Gibson from afar
(note to Scotish people: that was a joke, I know who William Wallace is)

double self-portraits

Imagine Pavement and Dinosaur Jr made a's band would sound like Wonderswan

totally rad band Copy Haho

being creepy in the ally

hardcore scotch drinking - it was Glenfidich Mom! I knew you'd be proud :)

Tim looks like Jack the Ripper

this is where we played - it was totally awesome!

thank you thank you thank you Joe, Richards and Stuart

so glad I got to go to Scotland - I was tempted after we were done playing to get out from behind the drums and do a highland fling but I was sure if it would come off adorable or offensive, so I didn't. The show as great, the people were awesome and I love Scotland!!

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