Monday, June 1, 2009

Lille, France

Paris was really an awesome place and we had so much fun - Bobby, Conrad and Folgo ended up staying awake until at least 5 I think (I went to bed at a much more reasonable time of 330) the alarm went off at 10 - lots of things to see before we head to Lille! I didn't want to waste a minute in Paris

This is what we woke up to - Folgo's got major style...and I think he's still drunk

How do you know you had the BEST 2 weeks of tour..the black circles under your eyes reach past your nose :)

Group photo!

I can't for the life of me remember which district we were in...11th? Does Paris even have districts? Anyways, it was totally beautiful outside of Folgo's apartment

Bobby's starting a new rap to be determined later

Now we are at the famous cemetery where Jim Morrison was burried

so, let me explain. This guy was a journalist aparently, and he was murdered and at the time had an erection I guess. So for some reason they made his tomb in the likeness of his death and that's why he's got a major bulge in his pants. It's said that if you rub it you will get pregnant - we rubbed it because it was funny, not because I want a baby, ever.

this place is huge! We kept getting lost, but then I took a photo of the map so we would always have it with us. I'm so smart.

Oscar Wilde's Grave - this is what I wanted to see at the cemetery

it took us a while but we finally found Jim Morrison's grave, not as awesome as I expected

I believe the motivation for this photo is 'look cool'

Ok I REALLY wish this photo worked - but I'm posting it anyways. I was a little late pulling out the camera to capture none other than New Found Glory getting into this cab. I wanted so desperately to run over to them and make "my friend's over you" jokes, blast, next time I'm in Paris.
This is also the last photo from Paris, we ended up staying until like 4:30 eventhough we were supposed to be in Lille at 230, we just didn't want to leave Conrad. There are no photos of the hugs goodbye, I was too sad :(

great vegan feast with totally delicious beer in Lille

Abbey Road

getting in our 10 minute walk to see the town

Black Atlantic - totally awesome band from the Netherlands. The singer Geert was in some hardcore band that I forget the name of, but this band sounds sooo beautiful and was totally not expected

we stole Megan and her flute for this version of Total Eclipse of the Heart

The Black Atlantic all together. Bobby had a major man crush on Kim - hopefully we'll get to see them in the Netherlands!

Lille was pretty cool, we didn't get to experience it at all but everyone we met was super awesome and the show was fun. This is the last of just Bobby and I in the van. Better enjoy it!

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