Monday, June 1, 2009

Kingston, England

Again, had to wake up super early to catch a ferry and again missed the ferry. Not our fault though, the lady at the boarder was a bit dim and didn't understand why an American, Canadian and dude from Portugal were heading to England and had no idea what to make of our work permits.

Ferry ride across the channel, it's windy which is why I'm making this terrible face..but I had to get a photo of the white cliffs of Dover! The inspiration behind one of my favorite poems "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold

Yay Theo is here! Finally I can laugh again! I went a whole day without Conrad

We played a place called the Fighting Cocks, if they served burgers it would have been Kuma's - it was totally awesome and had a strict "No Chav's Allowed" policy. I wish places in Chicago could have a "No Douchebags Allowed" policy too.

There were 2 bands that place before Hot Club and everything happend so fast that I didnt' even get to see them but I could hear from a distance and it sounded awesome. Maybe not as awesome as Hot Club de Paris though



people couldn't all fit into the room with the band so these people had to like climb ontop of one another to try to get a peek

Joan of Arc, one show down 9 more to go

awe look how cute he is

the merch is really out of hand

CANADIANS! Garret and David (I think) from Edmonton

Late night alley snacks

So after the show we were trying to figure out where to stay..there was talk about staying with this kid who's parents were out of town but he was having a party, or going to a bar and waiting until it closed to go home with the promoter. Thank god that Josh was there and took us home with him to Wimbledon

Josh's Secret Garden

YAY ENGLAND - this tour is about to get weird

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