Monday, June 15, 2009

Winterthur, Switzerland

We were pretty exhausted after the show - due to the 3 days prior of non stop fun with Chris so we just ran to the hotel and collapsed. No rock star stories this time.

morning in Metz - view from our hotel room

Incase, for a second, someone thought it'd be sexy touring with your wife...just wanted to bust that myth with this lovely photo Bobby took of me

Alsation strawberries

Swiss Chocolate!
It looks like I don't like it, but I assure you that's my 'mmmm' face

Gaswerks in Winterthur - the dude waving made a totally delicious dinner that took 5 hours and tasted totally like it had been cooked all day.

Farlow - check out that dudes drums..they're like in a cage
I had to play those!

view from said cage

Bobby's encore didn't include me, but it did include a smoke machine

Swiss friends! After the show we found our hotel and then went on this epic midnight walk except it was actually a 1am walk..oops

This is Yvonne - she put on the show plus it was her BIRTHDAY!

this dude took us on the epic walk to find the bar where everyone was in a totally rad area of town that used to be all warehouses or something and this bar had some special night where you could vote for something...anyways that's why there are lemons and oranges in all these pictures because that's how you voted. If you liked team a you drop a lemon in a bucket? if you liked team b then you'd drop an orange? I don't even know anymore.

We've just been to 4 different countries in 4 days! That's crazy!

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