Friday, June 5, 2009

Leeds, England

Morning in Sheffield, I actually never wanted to leave Andrew's flat if it were possible. My face feels like it's melting - so it looks like we're going to Boots to pick up some Dayquil

godzilla woke me up

the computers are mating

second breakfast turned out to be more like lunch and everything I ever wanted to eat - yay

the prettiest car park in all of England

this really awesome indoor garden and some art balls

the centre of Sheffield - again, wish we had more time Andrew was an excellent tour guide and was going to take us about 20 minutes out of town to the country and to a traditional pub...but there wasn't enough time..there's never enough time.
Wow, I'm getting a bit bitchy, really all of this is awesome and we're totally lucky we get to see any of these places at all, just trying to make the most of it is hard sometimes

LEEDS! the infamous Mahmoods - don't ever actually eat here

Hyde Park - being a tourist

making friends with cats

totally a Leeds phenomenon - everyone in the park with little grills having picnics

Stuart and I are both much better looking in person

Sheild Your Eyes

This Town Needs Guns - again! Yes totally awesome again!

Bobby and Paul just hanging out in the Brudenell Social Club

taking photos whilst playing :)

Leeds - most famous for terrorists but actually a very nice place, well maybe nice isn't the right word. But it was a really great show though, the food they made tasted soooo good and hanging out with TTNG and old members of Held by Hands (no photos of them though, so sorry) was super fun.

Ended up crashing pretty early at James' house and I accidentally blew a fuse and all the power went out, while Theo was taking a shower, an electric shower at that. Don't worry we found the fusebox and all was well. Thanks a billion James for kicking out all your flatmats and giving us all beds - majorly awesome. I wish we had more time to watch Freaks and Geeks together.

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