Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunderland, England

Unfortunately, we had to leave Aberdeen early so I woke up even earlier, showered, ate an amazing breakfast (thanks Richard) and ran around the neighbourhood looking for postcards

the first store I found - it was Aberdeens version of "only things that matter" - no postcards though, infact I never found one..not even at the post office. Major bullshit

Richards has a beautiful door - he didn't understand why I'd want this photo, hence his face

country roads, take me home to the place I belong - I only know this song because of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

stopped to find some sheep - I swear the sheep photos will come to an end soon

this photo is for Denholm - serioulsy youtube some Irn bru commericals they're hilarious

what the fuck does this say?

awesome Sunderland poster

Bobby and his desciples Paul Paul Al and Matthew

first live tambourine with Hot Club de Paris
These dudes kill it on stage, they sound amazing and they are fucking hilarious. I want them to come back to Chicago so bad

the place we played

after the show - this is where the fun ended

so we were warned that Sunderland was a rough area, and we were warned not to talk to people....but a car full of asshole teenagers pulled up to all of us walking down the street and yelled something at Sam who yelled something back and then we all laughed and continued on our way
then out of the blue the kids ran out of the car after us, sucker punched Sam and then took off again. It really did all happen so fast that none of us even saw it. Anyways it was a shit way to end the night and I feel bad because Sunderland up until that point was super fun - so I'm going to try to just remember it as such

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