Friday, June 12, 2009

Gent, Belgium

And I'm sick again....Amsterdam - you killed me
But it was totally worth it! It's our last day with Chris and we get to go to BELGIUM!

St Bavos Cathedral
No photos allowed inside but this is home to awesome paintings by Peter Paul Rubens and some mystery as to what happend to a missing panel or something. This can all be found on wikipedia i'm sure

Gent is so cute it's ridiculous

Jan our excellent tour guide :)

Chris got in the way of me taking a photo of this unfinished church where monks live..I can only assume they make amazing beer also

Belgian Chocolates everywhere!!!

If Chris were a building he'd be this one

Castle Greyskull

I love doors

Belgian Alleys

Belgian Cats

Belgian Love


We love girl beers
This is Cafe Video where we played...they had some majorly cool walls
I have no photos of the actual show but I bet it looked rad, so I'll have to steal some off Chris and put them up later

we actually got to go to a real restaurant and pick our own food - Chris and his awesome mushroom pasta

Bobby got shrimpssss

it's hard to believe that this only cost 2 euros - how am I ever going to live in America again?!

update: photo by Chris Collis, stolen off facebook

End of the night drunken fun :)

I love Belgium, I really wish we had more time and that I was feeling better - to be honest I really need to come here with Dana so we can go to the one bar where you can sample like 100 different Belgian beers
I started to feel really sick again by like 1am and had to call it quits - I blame everyone who was smoking inside. But Bobby and Chris nailed 'er shut and stayed at the bar till it closed and watched Jan's movie he made or something?

It was the best 3 days with Chris - again, I'm totally sad to see someone go. If we kept everyone we collected on this tour we could have totally started a new band. I love the fact that I have all these new friends though and I can't wait to come back to Europe to see everyone :)

Or in Chris' case I can't wait until he saves up enough airfare and comes to hang out in Chicago

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