Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leiden, Netherlands

It was a very very late night in London and we had to leave pretty early to get to Leiden - turns out it's like 10 hours away, I was not prepared for such a long travel day. But on the bright side we have Chris to keep us company!

Leiden looks a lot like Minneapolis - that special street right behind Seward' know the one

Stroopwaffles!! YES - I love the Netherlands!

Chris pretending to read a book to make himself look smart

Oldseed - From Canada!
When he was soundchecking I was like "woah this dude sounds just like the weakerthans" and then it turned out he was from Winnipeg so it all made sense

The Long Conversation + an Orchestra (that had a special name but I forgot)

mmmmmmm palm

we stole the cellist from the orchestra

then we made Craig come up and do a Husker Du cover

then we made Chris earn his keep and play drums on a song with us
Love of Everything loves special guest appearances

Craig reminded me of Fred Penner
We got along really well and even had a special "part of our heritage' moment where we explained the origins of Winnie the Pooh

cutest merch girl in Holland

the guy on the left can't see a foot infront of him without those glasses
the guy on the right can't see a food infront of him with those glasses, because they're mine and they're filthy and scratched to shit

very very old tiles at this bar

Edoardo, Bobby and Olaf

act natural
(not pictured: the Leffe Brune I was drinking which is totally one of my favorite beers and impossible to find in Vancouver or Chicago)

we stayed at Edoardo's parents house just outside of Leiden and this is a very old lady Vippi who hung out with us until Bobby started sneezing

I had never even heard of Leiden before this tour was booked and yet it's totally the best city - it's like a mini Amsterdam, less crowded, beautiful buildings and great people
Really stoked to have met Craig, always nice meeting other Canadians in Europe, we tend to bond to Canada better when abroad. It's actually a little fucked up if you think about it...
anyways, Amsterdam tomorrow!!

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