Friday, June 12, 2009

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Leiden was such a fantastic reminder of how awesome touring Europe is compared to the UK - the amount of British Bashing that took place in the next few days was extreme and I apologized to Chris but damn it was nice staying at Edoardo's parents house. Off to go explore, we've got plenty of time because Amsterdam is like 45 minutes away

the most beautiful house ever

this was literally 3 minutes away

Leiden during the day

look how well rested everyone is! Bobby can even open his eyes

this is why I love Leiden
this was written on the side of a building and it was huuuge

also this - there are cats everywhere

Rembrandt is from Leiden - this is where he went to school

ontop of a 10th century fortress built on an artificial hill, excellent architecture tour by Edoardo

YES!!!! I haven't had a Pannenkoeken since February 2008

I forgot to take a before photo because we tore apart our food like wild animals, apparently we were hungry
so here is an after photo, yum yum

Now we're in Amsterdam - this is the Rembrandt museum..we didn't actually go in though we only had time for our museum and this one didn't give you free beer

this one did

learning about the 4 ingredients that go into beer - if you are a beer scholar like I then you already know all about this :)

ewww pre-beer

yum post-beer..first of many that you get at the Heineken museum

doesn't this seem like something very Brave New World?

Heineken only tastes good when it's from here and when it's free

i love these bikes!

Amsterdam has more canals than Venice
The More You Know /rainbow

we stumbled into this coffeeshop just looking for a nice warm beverage I sware

nothing incriminating about this

Standing Stone indeed - only took us like an hour of walking around Amsterdam to find our way back to the van...oops

after the show in Amsterdam - we played to the other bands, the bartender and maybe one other person showed up but we actually played a GREAT show oh well
This is our wonderful sound guy who is very very tired and we cannot for the life of us pronounce his name right let alone spell I'm not going to even try

bike island - 3 levels of bikes upon bikes all locked up

Late night sightseeing

alright Red Light District time - no photos allowed sorry dudes

3am drive back to Leiden to stay with Edoardo's family again...awe Chris is all tuckered out

Damn you Amsterdam, Why did you have to be so much fun? I'm back to being sick..I blame the large quantity of beer I drank and the small amount of sleep we got but it was well worth it.
Also we did a shit ton of walking in the morning around Leiden, then walking all around Amsterdam, then played a show and then walked around the red light district until 3am.
My legs are killing me!

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