Monday, June 1, 2009

Oxford, England

Had such an awesome time in England thus far, it was rad seeing Josh again. I had met him in Chicago but only for a second. In the morning he took us out for some breakfast and we were starving

breakfast, typical of this region. If you are wondering what the black things are..they are mushrooms and they are fucking delicious. This was definitely the BEST english breakfast I've ever had, actually Bobby had it, I ordered oatmeal

Off to Oxford! Totally got stuck in traffic but still got there with a bit of time to run around. Paul, Tim, Sam, Theo and I ran over to the Natural History museum and ran into Charlotte on the way!!! YES AWESOME! This is where the only remiands of the Dodo exists, or something

I've never been to a Natural History Museum - they are totally rad!

petting a cheetah, don't worry we were allowed

My Little Pony

Everywhere in Oxford is old and gorgeous

This is Christ Church

This is also home to Harry Potter, or at least some of it is filmed here

So back to the club in time to see Elephants, check out the bass player..totally England's version of Myles Charlie

Theo and Chris in the "backstage" that we created

Charlie, Chris and I - apparently only American's call Charlotte Charlie..oh well it's a rad nickname

My new favorite band - This Town Needs Guns
We get to play with them 2 more times and I am so stoked

Brandon Flower and British Myles

Just kidding...they didn't puke. But there was a hell of a lot of vomit outside the door of the club, like this is one of many piles. ew.


seriously, this photo doesn't do it justice, but this is Dean. 20 year old British Myles Charlie - he was really nice I hope we become facebook friends. Actually all the dudes in Elephants were awesome, I liked Owen because he dances like Billy Elliot

it's like 2am and we need to get up at 530am to head to Ireland..things are starting to get majorly goofy

party bus

Charlotte's awesome architecture project, she's so rad she won a prize (not for this though)

it's around 330am right now, setting alarms to wake up in about 2 hours. Awesome

Oxford was the best for so many reasons, mostly because I got to hang out with Charlie again, but also because it was such a lovely day, the city is awesome, everyone was amazing and This Town Needs Guns were fucking fantastic.

I apologize if this seems a bit rushed and there might be some spelling errors, I'm currently sitting in a really fancy restaurant in Sheffield because it's the only place with any wifi and I'm really sick :(
There might not be any updates for a while - stupid England hates wifi

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