Sunday, June 21, 2009

Puerto Rican Pride

It's a Great time to be back in Chicago!! Puerto Rican Pride Bitchez!

it's 29 degrees celsius and Ashleigh is drinking a hot London Fog - she's pretending she's cold..but really she's addicted to 5 dollar starbucks drinks

the cutest king and queen of the parade

check out this dudes hair - that's some fucking Pride

best part about living in Chicago in the summer - COCO!
Coconut flavored Italian (or in this case Puerto Rican) ice

Party in the Humboldt Park!

mmmmm coco

Bobby and I are on this ride in this photo - I was screaming so loud Ashleigh could hear me from the ground and she could tell it was me.

walk around the park - totally a rad day for this

Bobby hanging out at the lake

I don't even know - but I bet it tasted great

getting ready to see the 'parade' - you'll understand why I use this term loosely

the parade was just cars with flags out the window - some cars werent' even nice and some didn't even have was less like a parade and more like watching traffic

people were stoked on motorcycle burn outs - it smelled so fucking terrible

the motorcycle section of the parade

after we were all prided out we went to Atomix for ice coffees and Permanent to buy some records - yay new Double Daggers and Sunset Rubdown!

Ashleigh loves words

view of downtown from Augusta and Winchester

oh now we're downtown - Ash and I went on a date to see a documentary called "The Accidental Army"

the Vice Council for the Czech people in Chicago

the blue line of the train wasn't working for some reason so we had to take the bus....the people sitting at the back of the bus were some of the worst people on earth.

the cutest puppy ever!

Beak, the tiniest french bulldog

back in the neighbourhood, Party at Easton's!!

Tiny Vipers at the Empty Bottle - wish more than 5 people were actually interested in listening to her

O'Death - kinda the raddest thing I've seen in a while
Tim said they sounded like a New Orleans funeral procession playing rock n roll; which they did.
But it also sounded like Neil Young singing for Gogol Bordello - super cool

Totally long awesome day - soooo stoked for summer in Chicago!! There is no better place for the next 4 months :)

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