Friday, June 5, 2009

Sheffield, England

Really wish we could have played more shows in Ireland, I would have loved to see some of the smaller cities..oh well next time for sure - time to head back to the UK

Bye Ireland


I feel like we just did this

so we took a quick stop in Manchester for lunch and this is the only photo I took the entire time because I was in no shape
a) to be photographed
b) to arrange for a photograph to be taken
This is the really great place we ate called Oklahoma - They will be shocked if they ever go to the real Oklahoma and find that it's not this cool at all

The Shakespeare - hello Sheffield
I was really exicted to get up on stage and so some soliloquies but no one was in the mood for me to rattle off anything from Hamlet

Urban Fox! The first fox I think I've ever seen in my life

Andrew and Laurie - my new 2 favorite people. For real I can't thank you guys enough for letting Bobby and I stay with you and for the Grape Nuts. mmmmmm Grape Nuts.

I can't for the life of me remember the name of this band, what I do remember is that they sounded fucking awesome

you know who

this is where I live

The walk back to Andrew's flat - loved this billboard. Also really liked Sheffield, days are becoming pretty blurry though what with this cold and the long drives. Luckly tomorrow is just an hour to Leeds - yay!

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  1. How are the Paletazo "Tour EPs" selling? Is it time to repress? Ha!