Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Birmingham, England

We totally got a full 8 hours sleep in Liverpool and it was well needed now only 2 shows left in the UK - how time flies

Paul and Katie met us for breakfast - yay! Look how cute they are

Bobby took this photo - he can explain why later I seem to have lost him

this cost me about 16 USD - I fucked up and ordred waaaay too much
It was totally worth it - best cauliflower soup

stuck in the rain in Liverpool - gotta head to Birmingham. Really wanted to hang out with Matthew and Al too, there is just never enough time

Stock photo of Birmingham - We didnt' see any of it because it was freezing cold (like seriously arctic weather) and pouring rain
Good thing about Birmingham though - Charlotte was there!

Joan of Arc new line up - soundcheck with your coats

Ok so there are no photos of this night because I was too cold to use my hands
what the fuck June weather - it was ridiculous, actually what was ridiculous was that we were playing OUTSIDE. Bobby got all Lee Cohen on their ass and refused to soundcheck until they put up some kind of curtains to stop the wind from whipping through and giving us frost bite.
I played the drums wearing 2 hoodies and a coat.
The only awesome thing about this day was later staying at Chaz' house, Theo, Charlie, Chaz and I watched The Mighty Ducks 2!!!!!!

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