Monday, June 8, 2009

Liverpool, England

We bolted out of Sunderland in the morning to try to head to Liverpool to hang out with the Beatles (and also our van is a time machine and we were returning to the past)

Sam's bloody shirt
no need to be alarmed most of the blood is from scrapping his knee from the fall

backstage fun at Kazimer

beautiful poster from the Sunderland show

Cafe Mellomello was a great place for a cup of tea and some internet

looking at porn no doubt

weird art installation in the backstage area

dream machine

"this would never happen in a rock club in the US"

Ellis looks a lot like my friend Dustin..maybe it's the sexy mustache

we played with Shield your Eyes again - we all hung out behind the merch table this time round and they are my new favorite people
Henri, Stef and Nick total rock stars

Bobby and Simon

Hot Club de Paris - this place was kinda like the Richard's on Richards of Liverpool. Majorly awesome

I don't even know what to say about this

Joan of Arc - view from the Timpani section

inside bike rides - stef stole some girls bike
seriously love these dudes


Theo needs a lot of room around him so he can breakdance

3am hang outs in the basement of Ellis' house - he lives in a huge rehabbed old folks home

Liverpool was cold, rainy and a little miserable after the major bummer of Sunderland yet we totally had soo much fun. No time for sight seeing though, no walking around pointing at Beatles related buildings. This was our last show with Hot Club and it was fantastic - they are such a great band and they are totally the best dudes ever
A fall Hot Club/Love of Everything tour is already being dreamed up :)

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