Monday, June 15, 2009

Lucern, Switerzland

Prepare yourselves - this post is going to be epic

Bobby drinks more water than any other human on earth

Switzerland is a pretty small place - so we had a lot of time to go explore. First stop - breakfast in Zurich!

breakfast martinis!
Actually - I ordered an Iced Capp and got this and to be honest it was cheaper than a regular coffee at Starbucks!
Bobby got an iced espresso mixed with passion fruit juice and it was sooooo good

My friend Rebecca lives in Zurich but I didn't get to see her because she was in Germany that day :(

this swan wants that falafel and is not taking no for an answer

this cow is wearing an actual Cow Bell - how rad is that!

Now we're in Luzern for lunch!

According to Bobby this is the city that Disneyland is modeled after

quick tip for seeing a city fast: climb to the top of the tallest thing you can find!

hanging out in a watch tower

what we climbed to the top of - it was no 532 steps but it was still totally hard

awesome building

Swiss Pirates?

So we were trying to find the B-Sides festival, but there was no address, just basically like the name of a tiny city
so we drove up the one street
"go straight" were the directions.
this is us driving up a mountain thinking "what the fuck"?

pretty sure we're just playing to cows tonight

oh wait - we found it
Literally on the top of a mountain was an awesome little festival

backstage area - are you fucking kidding me?!

Musica Da Cucina - definitely my favorite part of the whole day

Coffee: it's in tents

Just when you thought no one could make an accordion totally bad ass - Gurzuf comes into your life. These dudes were from Belarus I think.
But really the best part about them was earlier in the day when I was chillin in the hammock, the dude was practicing his accordion and playing like traditional songs and it sounded like the soundtrack from Amelie and I was on top of a is good

YES! Totally just got better - I got a piƱa colada delivered to me whilst I was playing
Note: everyone in the background walking away or being disinterested is because this photo was taken well after we were done playing :)

so when we got on stage I noticed the lights were mega hot and I told Bobby that it smelt like burning...Kinda thought that the stage was going to catch on fire or something because it was all made of wood
But it turned out that my kick drum case was ablaze - oops
Sorry fluffwheels - we're fucking this tour up for you

this is how people had to get from the city to the festival...because it was on the side of a MOUNTAIN! so crazy

I was going to put a comment along the lines of "the hills are alive with the sound of music" but then Bobby reminded me that The Sound of Music is actually set in Austria.

romantic dinner :)

this is definitely my happy place
I was really content with the night ending here for me - watched the sunset, hung out on a hammock, ate some great food and saw some awesome bands...but we decided to stay for just one more drink....

which turned into watching Aucan: this crazy dueling keyboard/guitar band that apparently was a major Don Cab rip off, whatever they were pretty sweet

then that turned into being hungry again and watching Bratwurts!

I am not exaggerating when I say this is the nicest staff of an event I've ever met or imagine to meet - thank you all for taking such good care of us and the fun hang outs!

oh god how I love the combination of Rum, coconut and pineapple juice

haha and Bobby loves FIRE! this night just keeps getting better

so one drink turned into a few more which kept us at the festival for a couple more hours and we got to see Antipop Consortium - YAY!

ok, we've been here for 9 hours now....sorry we didn't stay to see the whole set - but they were super rad!

So I've already bragged all about this day on facebook, but I'd like to brag a little bit more :)
After 42 days of being on tour and being sick for the past 10 days I was really feeling like going home - this festival really recharged me and now I'm totally ready to give'r
Thank you times a million to Patrick for making this whole day happen and everyone who was working. No one was stressed, everyone was having a good time...totally amazing!

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