Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Karlsruhe, Germany

Last day of tour - 43 days, 40 shows (50 for Bobby), 12 countries and it's all ending tonight in Kalrsruhe, Germany


Bobby and I walked around the city and found the 'castle'
(it's actually a palace) and the art museum and the modern art Horse sculpture but I took no photos. I just wasn't that stoked I guess, maybe a little sad that it was the last day - but then when I saw the rats I was totally stoked again!

I really love rats - if they weren't so smelly I would have probably had some as pets growing up

Shut Your FACE!@!
Arne, Dominik, and Flo from From Freiburg
I cannot describe how happy I was to see them

at the bar next to the venue - they brew their own beer here called Wolf Bräu...but I kept thinking it would taste a lot better if it were Skittle Bräu

Jan - playing some amazing piano
it sounded like Erik Satie

Arne and Julia
too fucking cute

final set list

these dudes LOVE smoking

Hilarious write up on the Kohi website found by James Barron:
Love of everthing is an American emo band from Chicago, Illinois." If you look at Emo black colored, stretched and asymmetric cut hair imagine, then I do not like the record so established. If you look at but the Fugazi quote reminds us, so that any emo music is - what should go because the music without emotion, but we are not robots - then again the name Emo authorization. Love Of Everything, especially the child of Bobby Burg. Anyone who ever met him is white, around him, that certainly will not be cut artery. On the contrary, it is difficult from the good mood of the lively, always on a raised Spässchen Bobby withdraw. Its hallmark is the baseball cap and along the small, fine writing songs that are not afraid of weird sounds, and often close to scrape past the derailment.
And when he sings "It's been a bad year" does not sound then the sad times.

After the show we had to pack and repack everything and it took like over an hour so we didn't get to hang out with anyone who actually came to the show but once everything was all closed up I brought in the bottle of Glenfidich left over from Scotland and we ended up having such a fantastic night
Thanks David for helping out with this show, Dinosaur Jr Shirt dude (I totally forgot your name I'm so sorry) thanks for the great dinner and Jan thank you for being the most adorable sound guy and for giving me the best compliment of the tour

2am listening to Cowtown & Kid Ikarus and reminiscing about an amazing 6 weeks together :)

we really should have gone to bed earlier seeing as we had to wake up to go to the airport at 430am...but we managed to make the most of the last night in Europe.
I'm actually home right now - and the night we got home I went to the Bottle to see Bloodiest and about a billion friends were there and it made me super happy to be home. Everyone here is really awesome and I missed them dearly.
Chicago is fantastic and I'm so lucky to call it home :)

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