Monday, June 15, 2009

Metz, France

...and then there were 2. It's just Bobby and I for the rest of the tour (well Nunu our driver is still with us obviously) so all the photos are going to be of Bobby and sheep

Just kidding - these are cows

Bobby and European Character

this was my view for like 5 hours

we drove through Luxembourg - all 2.3km of it

Metz, France - I've never even heard of this place

Just hanging out at l'emile Vache with a Castle behind me

parking lot haircut
"where should I park?"
"between the tree and the castle"

record store shopping spree

I'm so excited that I made an entirely new face that I've never seen before

mmmmmm french food

Flo took us to such an awesome restuarant - thanks buddy

I don't actually know what animal this is or what part of an animal it is either

Joe was our sound dude - I traded him one American dollar for One Chinese "dollar" - I think he got the better deal

walking around Metz

After show cocktails with glow sticks?
It was tasty - I'm not going to judge

Metz was a really cool city, the weather wasn't that awesome Bobby and I were exploring the Castle it started to pour rain but what we did see was really cool.
Also like a ton of people came out to see us; which is kind of always unexpected - Major fun! Thanks Flo, Joe, Sophie and Sancho :)

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