Friday, June 5, 2009

Dublin, Ireland

Oxford was so much fun, maybe too much fun because we only got 2 hours of sleep before we had to drive 6 hours to the ferry to get to Ireland. oops.

6am puzzles on the lawn

if you know me you know I love sheep!

looks like I wont be needing my Dramamine

Bobby and Tim's annual Fish and Chips on a ferry - worst idea ever...I wish I had my Dramamine

Paul's first time taking a car on a ferry - I think, he's not around me right now to confirm or deny

Bye Wales - I can now say I've been to Wales

What's up Dublin! Having a pint with Dror (oh god I can't remember if that's how you spell your name) and Brian at the bar where Ps - I love you was filmed. Also is where we played

St Patrick's Cathedral - theeeee St Patrick

Irish Wall

Irish Park - I only had half an hour to walk around as much of Dublin as I could..I really don't think I got to see anything that really makes Dublin an awesome city at all - looks like I'm going to have to go back


Pints of Guinness make you strong
also why am I drinking something in every photo?

Drunken Boats - totally rad dudes

View of Joan of Arc from the box I was sitting in

What Ireland probably looks like - we didn't get to see any of it because Dublin is like a 10 minute drive from the ferry

Tim literally gave Brian the shirt off his back - this is him happy as a clam and me about to sneeze

Bobby and drunk friends

so the 15 hours I spent in Ireland were fantastic, only about 1 of those hours was spent outside the rest was spent inside this bar or sleeping in our hotel. I caught the plague in Oxford so I was feeling pretty terrible by the end of the night

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